Toddlers to the Rescue!

Toddlers to the Rescue!

This piece has been written by Miss Sylvia Joseph and the pictures are by Miss Ekta Maniyar (homeroom teachers K-2 Torto Ahmedabad).

Once upon a time, not very long ago a peahen laid an egg near the window of the K-2 Torto classroom. Little did she know that this would soon lead to a moment of reflection for our little learners.

On a bright sunny day, the sight of a peahen egg excited the whole class and they were eager to know when the egg would hatch. We did some research to find out that a peahen’s eggs take approximately 28 days to hatch.

Soon there were 2 eggs, then 4 and finally 5. Seeing 5 peahen eggs left the whole class excited and curious, “Wow! 5 eggs Miss! When will the eggs hatch? We want to see the baby chicks!”

It was a beautiful sight – to see the 5 pretty eggs cuddled in the warmth of the nest laid by the peahen. Everyday the children would enter the class in the morning and immediately go towards the window to see if the eggs had hatched. But one fine day, on entering the class they saw that one of the eggs was broken, cracked, and eaten up. On seeing some pigeons and crows flying around they deduced that they might have done it. This made them very upset and thus began “Mission: Save the Eggs”.

They immediately started thinking about what could be done to address this issue and came up with many ways to stop the predators from attacking these eggs. After discussing their ideas, they shared their concerns with Miss Neeta. She heard them out and gave them some advice. Some of the solutions that they came up with were:

  • We should keep 2 monitors to guard the eggs – Vivaan
  • We should cover them with a basket
  • We should take them inside – few children
  • We should keep a scarecrow – Mauriyan

In the end, the young bird lovers managed to take some precautionary steps and waited patiently for their new friends to arrive.

P.S. We hope that the eggs are safe now and can’t wait to welcome our little beautiful friends!