Making Time Stand Still: A How-To Guide

Making Time Stand Still: A How-To Guide

Our events coordinator – Miss Naini Naik – is a curious cat interested in everything! She is a type A interested in academics and work-outs alike. Since her work ethic and habits are often a source of inspiration for us, we decided to share a unique practice of hers with you as well. Find out in her own words how she is weaving a moving tapestry of memories for her son:

Motherhood is a blessing! It is the most wonderful feeling in the world. The moment when you realise that you have life blooming inside of you, you can’t help but feel special and empowered. There are so many moments in the journey of motherhood that just take your breath away! Often all we can wish for is for time to stand still.

However since it isn’t possible to stop time, I decided to create memories that lasted forever. I decided to capture my son’s childhood on email! I have been sending emails to an email id I created for him almost everyday for the past two years now.

On this email address I’ve shared everything from the big moments like his dad’s reaction on seeing him for the first time and him taking his first steps to the little things like him trying mangoes for the first time.

I’m sure all parents capture such memories and do share them with their children when they grow up. However, it’s difficult to express what we felt or experienced at that very moment ten years down the line. Therefore, to ensure that I can revisit my emotions in the future I add a note with all the pictures and videos that I send to him.

Here are a few memories that I’ve shared with my son:

It’s go time for mangoes!

2nd May 2017 –

Mangoes!!! Your first brush with mangoes Nik, you are just 4 months old. Papa and I loved watching you taste a mango. You wanted more but we could not give it to you as you are too young to have them. I will never forget the expressions on your face when you tasted it for the first time. We will definitely enjoy more mangoes next year.

– Papa and Mama love you a lot!

गोला for a गोलू

12th May 2017 –

Bhavgir Ice Gola, Ahmedabad

You just did not like the gola! Completely opposite to your papa’s interest in it. He has a record of having 8 golas at a time! Till date nobody in our family and friends has broken the record. Hopefully someday you will. 😉 It would be fun to see you both competing. How I wish for you to break his record! 😉

–  Mama loves you a lot!

Bedtime bookings!

9th August 2017 –

Crossword, Ahmedabad

I have been reading a lot of books to you… But this was the first time that I got you to Crossword! You were so excited to see all the books around. All you wanted to do is to touch all of them. I hope that you inculcate the habit of reading in you, which your nani has successfully inculcated in me. I just hope your love for books and hopefully reading too grows over each passing day.

Off to the school of the cool

19th June 2018 –

My baby is grown up!!

Can’t believe that you are starting playschool from today at Toddler’s Den. Mama and papa want to give the best to you! We want you to have fun and enjoy your learning journey and explore all the amazing opportunities that will come along your way! We love you and we are always there for you! May the force be with you 😉

There is so much to share with your child that we as parents will never feel content. And I’m looking forward to sharing the password to all these memories with my son when he is 18!

Now, many of you will wonder why I chose his 18th birthday for this. Well I have a reason for this too. At 18 he will probably move out for his undergraduate studies. If he moves to another city or country, I want him to know that his family loves him a lot and will be always there to support him, no matter what!

This is the age at which they come in contact with a new and different world. At this point of time, I want him to feel that he can share things about his life with us even if something is wrong. I hope this inspires some of you to do this for your child. And if you’re looking for a pen pal there’s always me!