Fun & Festivity at the Todden Winter Carnival

Fun & Festivity at the Todden Winter Carnival

Todden broke for a short Christmas vacation with a festive extravaganza in the form of our first Winter Carnival held on the evening of Friday, 22nd December. The campus was transformed into a magical wonderland with winter decorations, Christmas props and mood lighting. Here’s a look at some of the major attractions:

The Enchanted Forest 

With hundreds of balloons and cutouts in shades of green and brown, the community lounge area was transformed into a mystical forest where visitors could weave in and out of the trees and take photos with various animal caricatures. The focus point was a wheel of fortune which children enjoyed spinning to try their luck at winning a prize.

The Fortune Teller 

In a dimly lit room with faux snow floating around sat our fortune teller with a luminous crystal ball glowing in front of her. She engaged young visitors with questions about their wishes for Christmas and the new year, finally leaving them with a cheerful message to take away.

The Tech Room 

Amid all the fanfare and folklore of the carnival, this little nook was the place for some futuristic kind of fantasy. Visitors enjoyed playing with robotic toys controlled via iPad and engaging in virtual reality experiences that involved journeys into space or deep into the ocean.

The Activity Zone 

The outdoor area was strung with colourful lights and transformed into a carnival ground replete with sparkling Christmas trees, a jumping castle, a stall selling fluffy pink candy-floss, and a fifteen-foot man who walked around greeting and waving at the crowd. Young visitors wrote their wishes to Santa on a huge white banner and participated in festive games such as ‘Feed the Snowman’ and ‘Ring the Reindeer’.

The Gaming Zone 

The indoor gym area was turned into a party hotspot where children and their parents were engaged in quick high-energy games under the glimmer of rainbow coloured lights. Children had a chance to sing, dance, and run about as they bonded with their friends and families.

The Magic Show 

In the Pre-K lane, a professional magician engaged children in an interactive set of magic tricks involving the classic guessing games and disappearing and reappearing objects. The smiles and amazement on everyone’s faces perfectly captured the magic in the air. A caricature and tattoo artist further added to the fun.

The Storyteller 

In the K1 lane, professionals storyteller Yogita Ahuja was a crowd favourite. She captivated both children and their parents in a variety of animated tales about animals in which children got a chance to participate and answer questions. Over the course of the evening, Yogita performed over fifteen storytelling sessions.

The Mystery Maze 

Our sports arena became reminiscent of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with a mystery maze filled with surprises for explorers to discover. It became even more thrilling after sundown when miniature lights lent an extra mysterious air to the place.

The Food Court 

No carnival would be complete without some sumptuous food to keep energy levels high and so the Todden gardens turned into a food court offering a variety of cuisines including south indian, Mexican and italian.

“This is such a wonderful and one-of-a-kind initiative by the school,” said Mrs Pinky Desai, a parent whose child is in Pre-Kindergarten. “I really loved the storytelling session and all the activities that have allowed children to really enjoy themselves while learning about the spirit of Christmas.” she shared.

“I had a lot of fun playing with the robots,” said five year old Aayan Trived. His mother, Mrs Anuja Trivedi, further added, “I like the variety of attractions that are available for the children. It really shows that a lot of thought has gone into planning the entire carnival. It’s a pleasure to be associated with the school.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who attended the carnival and helped to make it such a success, as well as the entire team that worked to plan and organise it. We hope to be back with more events and celebrations in the coming year.  Until then, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and best wishes for a happy, blessed 2018!

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