Play Group

Starting academic year 2017-18, we will be introducing a Play Group Program for children aged 20 to 30 months. Our Play Group Program is designed as the first independent adventure for children. The group will meet for two and a half hours from Monday to Friday. The program focuses on providing a secure and stimulating environment that encourages experiential learning through sensory, creative, social, physical, and cognitive engagements.

The program will be run from the new early years campus of our affiliate school, Toddler’s Den. Admissions to the program will start on 1st February 2017.

Day in the Life
Circle Time
15 min
Children will be welcomed to a warm beautifully set-up classroom filled with ambient music. Circle time is a daily routine aimed to energize children and foster a sense of community. Children would immerse in yoga exercises, poem sing-alongs, storytelling amongst several other engagements.
Math or Language and Drama Studio
30 min
Children spend 25-30 minutes either exploring the Math Studio or exploring the Language and Drama Studio (description below).
Art and Sensory Studio
30 min
Children spend 25-30 minutes on exploring the Art and Sensory studio (description below).
Snacks Break
15 min
Children are served a light nutritious meal curated by our in-house nutritionist.
Music or Sciences Studio
30 min
Children spend 30 minutes on either of the two experiences - exploring the Music Studio or the Sciences Studio (description below)
Indoor or Outdoor Play
30 min
Children spend 30 minutes on either indoor or outdoor play or a combination of both (description below).
The Bell Goes Off

Math Studio

Our playgroup children will learn important math skills - logical reasoning, pattern recognition and symbolic thinking - everyday. They will learn to distinguish between numbers and number quantities, and to perform basic single digit functions. They will work with manipulatives to count, sort, and create. They will play games and solve puzzles and begin to use math vocabulary like "more", "less", "big", "small".

Language and Drama Studio

Children this age know hundreds of words and their daily experiences contribute to an increasing knowledge base. In this studio, toddlers will immerse in storytelling, role-play, read-alouds, and sing-alongs. The drama props and costumes will let children navigate through various objects and professions helping them understand the meaning of fruits, vegetables, markets, doctors, artists amongst hundreds of other things.

Art and Sensory Studio

In the Art and Sensory Studio, children will engage with a range of tools and materials to explore various textures and create expressive arts and crafts. The studio is designed with vertical and horizontal easel boards allowing children to work with paint, clay, rollers, and fabric, to create 2D and 3D art. Children will have the opportunity to paint outdoors on our glass easels and make a colourful mess.

Music Studio

Children will have access to a wide variety of musical instruments, including pianos and keyboards, string instruments, wind and brass instruments, and percussion instruments. They will understand that shaking, banging, and plucking instruments causes them to make sounds. They will understand loudness, tempo, and basic rhythm which will further cognitive development. Children will also karoake with the teachers and sing along with their friends.

Sciences Studio

Early explorations into natural and social sciences will be conducted in the Sciences Studio. Investigation tables will be set up for sensory explorations and basic experiments like weighing or colour mixing. Children will play with light and liquids to understand basic phenomena of science. They will observe living organisms and understand life sciences. In the process, they will build a rich vocabulary and a questioning outlook.

Indoor and Outdoor Play

Our outdoor play area lets children play on slides, swings, ladders, tricycles, tunnels and lots more. They can go on an adventure in the treehouse or indulge in formalised sports including basketball, football, and croquet. Keeping in mind the Ahmedabad weather, we have created an indoor play area where children will walk on balancing beams, dive into larger than life ball pools, go rock climbing, or do trampoline jumping.