Parent Toddler Program

From the year 2017-18, We are introducing a Parent Toddler Program, for children aged 12 to 20 months. Toddlers along with their parents would attend experiential sessions for 2 hours, thrice a week. Because the program will be the first socialising agency for many children, the focus will be to provide a warm supportive environment filled with opportunities to develop sensory skills, motor skills, creativity, and cognitive abilities.

Owing to the fast pace of development in children during these early years, the Parent Toddler Program has been divided into 3 stages:

Stage Age
Stage 1From 13th to 15th month
Stage 2From 16th to 18th month
Stage 3From 19th to 21st month

The activities in each stage have been designed to cater to the development needs of children of that age group.

Please note:

  1. Parents and children joining Stage 1 of the program in June 2017 will have the option to continue to stage 2 after completion of Stage 1.
  2. Parents and children joining Stage 2 of the program in June 2017 will have the option to continue to stage 3 after completion of Stage 2.
  3. Parents and children joining Stage 3 of the program in June 2017 will have the option to transfer to the Play Group program from September onwards.

The fees for the Parent Toddler Program shall be payable on a stage to stage basis.

Day in the Life
Circle Time
15 - 20 min
Toddlers will be welcomed by a beautifully organised classroom with light music playing in the backdrop. The circle time is designed to ensure children feel safe in the setting. Children, along with their parents, will read along, play an instrument or just sing rhymes.
Physical Play
35 - 40 min
Children would be exposed to a variety of outdoor play experiences such as sliding, swinging, running, or hopping, and a variety of indoor play options such as trampoline jumping, wall climbing, hand balancing, and ball pools.
Studio Work
60 min
During this time, children would explore 2-4 of the 5 studios listed below. Each week, our teachers will pick a transdisciplinary theme to curate different types of experiences.
The Bell Goes Off

Creative Arts Studio

Teachers will curate art, craft, movement, dance, dramatic play, or musical experiences to enhance children’s creativity. Guided by parents, toddlers will engage with a range of materials to create art, make noise with hand-made maracas, pianos, and bells, indulge in dance and dramatic play experiences, and use basic gestures to communicate feelings and actions.

Sensory and Science Studio

Designed to deepen children’s conceptual understanding of the world around, this studio will allow children to immerse in smelling experiences, listening activities, and touch and feel games. Children will explore objects and their properties of colour, texture, weight and taste. Parent-led experiences will ensure that toddler’s have a fast-evolving vocabulary.

Block and Building Studio

The block and building studio will be an opportunity for toddlers to involve their parents in their favorite pass-time. Teachers will pull out lego clocks, tube blocks, tangrams, 3D and 2D puzzles, foam blocks, magnetic blocks and much more! Toddlers will engage their senses and imagination to create small personalized spaces of their own.

Math Studio

This studio will see toddlers and parents working together on manipulative tables set-up by our teachers. These exhibits will have simple math activities around recognising patterns, understanding shapes, comparing quantities, and measuring distance. Toddlers will be guided by parents to solve 2D and 3D puzzles, create with magnetic shapes, and manipulate montessori toys.

Language Studio

Even though they might not fully grasp the language, toddlers love rhymes and picture books. It is crucial that we expose them to lots of stories using puppets, music, toys, and drama. This builds a sense of awareness of sounds and appreciation for books. Parents will hold their toddler’s hand to purposefully scribble as well as support them in pronunciation of simple words.