Our New Campus

Early years (0-6 years) is the most important time in a person’s life. The right kind of care, nurturing, and opportunities provided at this age can go a long way in shaping a child’s confidence, motivation, and attitude towards learning and life in general. Our new early years campus, spread over 1 acre, has been designed with only one aspiration - it should be a magical place that children love coming to everyday.

Our Design Principles

Children this age know no boundaries - on a single day, a child can be an artist, a scientist, a footballer, and a guitarist. Our early years program views the child as an explorer and is centred towards providing children a wide variety of exploration opportunities. We want our school to be a real world manifestation of every child’s interests, passions, and curiosities.

Learning through adventure

Children are built for adventure - climbing, balancing, jumping, swinging. Adventure entails being a risk taker, a trait that comes naturally to children. With the right challenges, children develop good judgement, persistence, courage and self-confidence. Our new campus is filled with spaces that are rich in natural features and provide children with a plethora of opportunities for exploration.

Encourage fantasy and imagination

Children have a knack for storytelling, narrating make-believe stories via their nascent language skills. They have shorter attention spans leading to rapid spurs of engagement and boredom. To truly immerse children is to provide them with diversity of experiences. Our new campus will have more than 40 different types of exploration spaces designed to give children a new experience every week.

Engaging all senses

Children do seemingly absurd things such as eating crayons, scratching a puppy, smashing blocks - all they are trying to do is sensitize themselves to the world around them. They understand the world by tinkering with material through touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. A simple task of playing with paint can be an art experience as well as a motor skills exercise. Our new campus will provide children a variety of layered experiences on a daily basis.

Proximity to nature

Children love nature. From a very young age, they are curious to understand how nature functions. Our new campus will have a variety of flora and fauna which will enable children to direct their natural curiosity towards nature more purposefully. The campus has been designed in a way such that it is abundant with natural light and fresh air through all seasons and all times of the day.

Community engagement

Children love interacting with different people. Meeting people translates into asking questions and therefore learning through inquiry. Our new facility will be open all the time for parents and relatives to come in and spend more time with teachers and children on their learning journey. Through community meals, family workshops, socials, and art exhibitions, we will engage our parent community very proactively.